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Ty Johnston has published novels, short story collections, non-fiction books and screenplays for the print and ebook audiences. The links below will take you to sites where you can purchase the books and e-books. Links are separated for individual works for printed books, but with links to the author's page for Kindle users, Nook users and for Smashwords, which makes e-books available for all other e-reading devices and computers. My e-books are also available online at Scribd and XinXii.

Books in print

The Ursian Chronicles / epic fantasy

City of Rogues: Book I of The Kobalos Trilogy
Road to Wrath: Book II of The Kobalos Trilogy
Dark King of the North: Book III of The Kobalos Trilogy

Blade and Flame (Prequel to The Kobalos Trilogy) short story

The Kobalos Trilogy Omnibus

Ghosts of the Asylum: Book I of The Horrors of Bond Trilogy
Demon Chains: Book II of The Horrors of Bond Trilogy
The Company of Seven: Book III of The Horrors of Bond Trilogy

The Horrors of Bond Trilogy Omnibus

Six Swords, One Skeleton and a Sewer (Prequel to The Horrors of Bond Trilogy) short story

Bayne's Climb: Book I of The Sword of Bayne
A Thousand Wounds: Book II of The Sword of Bayne
Under the Mountain: Book III of The Sword of Bayne

The Sword of Bayne Omnibus

Where Gather the Gods: Book I of The Walking Gods Trilogy
A Place Called Skull: Book II of The Walking Gods Trilogy
Whom the Gods Slay: Book III of The Walking Gods Trilogy

The Castle of Endless Woe

Five Tales from The Rusty Scabbard

Mage Hunter Omnibus

The Shieldbreaker Collection

John Dee tales and collections / fantasy, horror and science fiction

Sands of Time (a John Dee collection)
The Impulse to Punish (a John Dee tale)
Carcass and Mallet (a John Dee tale)
Beneath a Persian Sun (a John Dee tale)


The Storm

The Basement

100 Years of Blood

SEVER, SLICE and STAB: 20 tales of horror

SEVER: five tales of horror
SLICE: seven tales of horror
STAB: six tales of horror

Literary / mainstream

More Than Kin

American Crossroads: five turning points

eBooks for the Kindle

eBooks for the Nook

eBooks from Apple

eBooks from Kobo

eBooks online at Smashwords

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