Sunday, August 20, 2006

Another story out and about

Because I've been working on novels for the last couple of years, I don't have many short stories sent out to publishers and editors. In fact, I've only got two. And one of those I just sent out.

The first story is a slightly revised version of a tale I wrote ten years ago. It's called, simply, "Kron Darkbow." I think it will find a home. It was once accepted for publication, but the magazine folded (I've experienced a LOT of that).

The second story is one I wrote a couple of months ago, the first short story I've written in a very long time. It's called "Deep in the Land of the Ice and Snow." It's a tale from the younger days of a favorite character of mine, Belgad the Liar, who's known as Belgad Thunderclan in the story.

Gotta run! I've some writing to do and Kron has to kill some bad guys.


Anonymous said...

If you need a reader for either story, I'm currently in between novels. Halfway through a Rai story, but now that I've slept a bit that will be a quick read.

I do have this crazy notion to do a little writing, though.

Ty said...

Go do some writing. I'm kind of itching to write another short myself, and I might send you that one.

And you've got book 2 of my trilogy to read!