Thursday, August 17, 2006

The bane of writers

I write every day. No matter what. I've been doing that for about 18 months now. Until three days ago. Since then I've only written 50 or so words and rewritten about 500 words. I'm slacking. So, to get myself motivated again, I'm turning to my blog. Below are some of the top traps writers can fall into that keep them from writing:

1.) Video games. The very bane of a writer's existence. Stay away from them. My personal vices are Grand Theft Auto games, and some of them take as long as 80 hours of play time to finish.

2.) Movies. Two hours of the same garbage you've probably seen a hundred times already. Scary Movie 4? You've already seen the first three! Go write!

3.) Work. It sucks. You have bills to pay. Your boss expects you to show up. And if you're stupid enough to be a mangager, like me, they don't have to pay you overtime. Which means they can work you to death if they want.

4.) Significant others. No, dear, I'm not online. I'm ... uh, I'm writing some sweet poetry just for you. Okay, that bought me five minutes. Drat! She didn't buy it. Gotta go!

5.) Role playing games. I love playing Dragonquest, and even third edition D&D, but I've found gaming for me requires too much of the same mindset as writing. All that plotting, or character playing. So, when I've gamed for several hours the last thing I feel like doing is writing.

6.) Internet. Damn wikipedia! Damn blogs!

7.) Reading. There's always something to read. I've a pile of about 30 books in my office. That pile never gets smaller, no matter how much I read. If I don't buy at least one book a week, I tend to start feeling jittery or something.

8.) This list. It could go on forever. I need to get some writing done. Later.

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