Saturday, September 16, 2006

Money isn't everything

An editor e-mailed me recently to let me know his market is no longer a paying market, and he wanted to know if he could still consider my story for his publication.

My answer "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!"

I like money. I want money. I need money. But I do not let money control my life. I have a significant other for that.
However, I feel writers should generally be financially rewarded for their work. Then why would I allow this editor to consider my work, when I know I'm not going to get paid for it?

For the credit. I've not had anything published in about 10 years, and only in the last couple of years have I gotten back into the fantasy writing game. I've had no story acceptances as of yet, but I've hardly sent out any stories. I've been too busy working on novels.

So, I need the credit for my name. I need the public relations. I need to get my name known to readers, writers, editors and publishers.

That's why I agreed to let this non-paying editor continue to look at my work. That, and he seems like a nice guy. I hope he publishes my work, and I hope it helps to draw him more readers. Then maybe, someday, he will be able to afford to pay writers again

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