Saturday, November 11, 2006

At last!

I finished the first draft of the third book in my trilogy, thus ending the first draft work for the entire trilogy.

It only took 20 months and about 270,000 words.

Now, back to editing and rewriting.

After I have a beer to celebrate.


Howard von Darkmoor said...

Way to go, Ty! Darnation, that was no time at'll between those last two posts of yours! I happy for you but you've made me sad . . . I started a novel 18 years ago, took a 13 year break, but in the last 5 years have only produced 20k. Granted, I did create the world and lots of its history but I haven't really worked on it much since I've switched to short stories. In fact, a quick check shows me I haven't written anything new in it since March 2006. I had really wanted to get at least one short published somewhere, but maybe I outta dive back into the novel. I think it will be much better now, though, since I've learned so much more in this year of membership at SFReader and from all the shorts that keep getting rejected!

Congrats, Ty, I'm glad you've reached this momentous milestone. Now, on to round two!

Ty said...

Von darkmoor, as I've mentioned elsewhere, screenwriting really helped me get into the swing of things
Some publishers (WOTC comes to mind) want novels to be written "cinematically," so I can't think of a better learning tool than screenwriting.

And you're not alone in the "forgotten" novels. I've got a horror novel I started in 1990 that I've yet to finish. I got to about 75,000 words in 1992, and haven't written a thing on it since. I keep kicking around the idea of rewriting it in a fantasy world, and I think it would still work.

Also, I switched to novel writing instead of short stories a few years ago for one simple reason: I want a career as a fiction writer, and I just don't see that happening in today's world. If I could get by writing and selling a short story a week, I would do it, but that's not an option. So, I write novels now.

Still got probably 6 months of work on my trilogy, but at least I can focus on editing and rewriting now.

cyn said...

wooooooo! i'm so jealous! congrats, ty!!