Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Back to harping

Okay, so enough about taking a break. Get back at it. Get to writing. Get to rewriting. Get to editing.

Even if you only write a couple of hundred words a day. Even if you just edit one chapter a day. Even if you only rewrite a minor scene of a hundred words.

Why? Because it's all motion. It's all moving ahead.

Today you might have had a bad day. Maybe you're sick. Maybe you lost your job. Maybe someone important to you is in dire straits. Maybe the news from Iraq depresses. But still ... if you punch out a few words, you've accomplished something.

And you'll feel all the better on those days when you feel great and type out 5,000 words in an hour.


cyn said...

it's a writing night for me! thanks for the prod, ty. =)

Howard von Darkmoor said...

Of course, you're right! Harp away, dear Ty.

And way to go, Cyn, on plugging away at NaNo - you've done an excellent job and I appreciate your daily comments.