Sunday, January 21, 2007

Slacking? Not exactly

I've done absolutely no writing for at least a week now. That's the longest I've gone in two years without writing something. I have managed to do a little editing on the third book in my trilogy, but not much. I do sometimes manage to squeeze in an hour of reading every few days, but I've not had much access to my computer of late to get any writing done.

I have, however, been carrying around a few mechanical pencils and a notebook. So, hopefully, I'll get some short stories in that notebook to keep my hand in things.

I've just been so busy moving and working and looking for a new job, that I just haven't had time to write. I'm really hoping a new job will allow for better hours than what I've had the last few years, so that will give me more time to write.

Regardless, I'm not giving up on the dream. If anything, I'm only delaying it for a little longer. Besides, the first novel has been sitting in the slush over at Baen for six months, and it will probably be there at least another six months. No big hurry, I figure.

Meanwhile, I'll keep reading, and posting online here and at others' blogs. It makes me feel like I'm at least doing some promotional work as a writer, just by keeping my hand in things online.

It might take a few more weeks, but eventually things should fall into place for me.


The Dark Scribe said...

Sucks when work and moving and, well, life gets in the way of writing. Sacrifice is the key--not the writing, though, never sacrifice that. You just have to make sacrifices FOR the writing (not that this is news to you).

I have a few friends who say they want to write, or take up a new hobby, or learn to quote Shakespeare, but then invariably say that they "just don't have the time." I always tell them that nobody has the time. You have to MAKE time. How? Pick away at the little things: sleep an hour less each night, only watch half-an-hour of tv a day (or better, none at all), only do one load of laundry at a time instead of the whole hamper.

If you want it badly enough, you'll do anything to get it. An interesting exercise is to write down what you do for a week--work, cleaning, sitting on your thumb, everything. Then, go through the list and figure out where you can shave off a few minutes or hours. This adds up, and eventually you've managed to carve off extra writing time.

Again, I'm sure you already know all of this, especially if you've already written a trilogy. Still, sometimes it's good to hear it from someone else.

Good luck!

Ty said...

Hey! Welcome to my niche of the Web, dark scribe.