Sunday, February 04, 2007

Belgad the Liar's stats

Yep, more stats. Can you tell I'm enjoying this?

Belgad the Liar
10th level Fighter, 2nd level Ranger, 6th level Monk

STR 19
DEX 17
INT 15
WIS 15
CON 18
CHA 14

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 50

Much like Kron Darkbow, Belgad's favorite weapon is his fists. His second favorite weapon is a huge, two-handed sword, though he's not above using anything else as a weapon.

Belgad comes from a barbarian background, but had the foresigt and strength of will to rise above his more chaotic clansmen. He often wears simple clothing, a tunic with boots, but when called for he will put on something slightly more fancy, though nothing unmanly. He has a penchant for animal-skin robes and cloaks.

Belgad is a leader of men, and a gangster at heart. Though he can be quite brutal and ruthless, rarely showing true compassion, he is smart enough to know when a more deft touch can take care of a situation for him.

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