Sunday, February 18, 2007

I love books

The title of this post says it all. I love books, in all forms and sizes and colors and genres and fictions and non-fiction. I feel comfortable with books, and they helped me through a lot as a kid and teen, and even as an adult. I can disappear into them for hours and hours (though mentally that's a little harder to do as an adult than it was as a kid or teen).

I especially like hardbacks, really old hardbacks, with real leather covers and that thin, onion paper. But any kind of book will do.

I love spending hours just wandering through bookstores, especially little mom'n'pop stores, but any will do. The latest big hit won't impress me as much as finding a forgotten treasure from an old, maybe forgotten master, but any book will do.

Sometimes I buy, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I just like to go from cover to cover, title to title, author to author. Sometimes I take something home and spend weeks devouring it with my eyes. Other times I don't purchase a darn thing. But I still enjoyed myself.

I don't buy books as a financial investment. I buy books as an emotional investment.

Sometimes, after a few years, I will get rid of some books. Maybe those particular books didn't mean much to me, or maybe they didn't mean as much to me as they once did, or maybe they didn't mean as much to me as I had hoped they would.

Still, I will keep reading, writing, buying and all that comes with the book biz.

I love books.


Howard von Darkmoor said...

I'm with you on all the above, Ty. Every once in a long while I try to make room on the shelves for the books in the closet and I'll spend several days poking and prodding and pulling and pushing and eventually I'll be done. My wife will ask me how many I managed to make room for - really meaning how many did I get rid of? - and, with sweat on my brow and a splash sparkling in the corner of my eye, I'll say:


Emmie said...

Thats a hell lot of a true with me too!!I just love books too. Even I am the kinds to enjoy the smell and feel of old hard cover books.Just amazing.That in itself is a different experience.Emmie