Monday, February 05, 2007

Verkain's stats

My novel's world doesn't separate magic into arcane and divine, as does the D&D game, so technically there are no Clerics, Druids and other diving casting classes. However, I've included those classes in some of the stats for a few of my characters because those type spells (divine) fit the type of magics they cast or use.

18th level Wizard, 5th level Cleric, 1st level Fighter, 10th level Spellsword

STR 17
DEX 14
INT 19
WIS 17
CON 17
CHA 14

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: unknown, though rumored at more than 200 years

Verkain usually carries an iron mace as his favored weapon, but he can use anything that is available. His powerful magics are his most popular weapons.

When in combat, Verkain will often wear full plate armor. When not in combat he often wears rich, dark robes. But he is wealthy and can afford whatever he wants to wear.

Without a doubt, Verkain is the most powerful human in my trilogy (no, I don't have elves and dwarves and other humanoid races, but there are a few "monsters" and other creatures around ... demons, for instance).

Verkain has many secrets, and his reasons for being evil are mostly known only to himself. He is power hungry to extremes, willing to slay anyone in his way (including family) to further his own ends. He also has a slight reputation for being "not quite all right in the head;" he is not a raving lunatic, but his brutality can be so shocking that only an insane person would seriously contemplate such actions. He is evil through and through, showing no caring side of others. He only tolerates those who are his employees or slaves as long as they are useful.

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