Friday, March 23, 2007

The scary mind of writers

Okay, I admit, I'm getting impatient.

Getting? Oh, wait, I've always been impatient.

But this is getting worse.

Baen has had my novel for more than nine months. And I know they received it because an editor told me so a few months back.

But ... but ... the impatient part is this: Every time I talk to an editor or someone at Baen, they tell me they are usually 9 to 12 months back in their slush pile. That means I should be reaching one of their readers any time now.

That's got me excited. That's got me impatient.

That's got me hoping, hoping, hoping they will accept it for publishing.

Then comes the big checks, the trips to the Oprah show, the Hollywood lifestyle, and all the other stuff that comes with it. Yes, indeedy, my novel will put Harry Potter and that DaVinci guy to shame. I'll sell more copies of "City of Rogues" than the Bible. I'll be bigger than the Beatles. I'll ... I'll ...

Oh crap. I just woke up. No e-mail from Baen.



Anonymous said...

I think they've had this one novel for two years now... and counting.

Ty said...

Yeah, but if it's the novel I'm thinking of, at least they had the excuse their e-mail system ate it. Twice. Which sucks because it was a good novel, if it's the novel I'm thinking of.

They've told me they have my novel, so I'm hoping.