Friday, April 06, 2007

No. 10 - Conjure Wife

by Fritz Leiber

Started: April 6
Finished: April 13

Notes: One of the cheap paperbacks I picked up a few weeks ago at a used book store. Only cost me a dollar. And it's from a master writing in 1953. Gots to be good.

Mini review: Reads pretty old-fashioned, from a modern perspective, but still quite intense toward the end. From a modern viewpoint, most of the characters are simplistic, but you need to keep in mind the times and the people you're dealing with. A good read over all.


Anonymous said...

So, did you like it?

Ty said...

It was alright. Definitely dated, having been published in 1953. I found it a bit predictable, but I'm also thinking it might have been more original when it first came out.
It's almost, but not quite, more of a horror story than a fantasy tale. It takes place in the modern day, then 1953.
Conjure Wife was a fast read, and yeah, I feel safe suggesting to others for reading. You won't, however, find any of the sword-slinging action of the Lankhmar stories.