Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Two interesting Web pages

While perusing the Web recently I came across a couple of unusual Web sites I thought I'd pass on to others:

Predictions about the year 2000
These are 29 predictions about the year 2000 made in the year 1900. The list originally came from the December 1900 issues of "The Ladies Home Journal." Some of these predictions are pretty close to reality, but the majority were waaaaay off base. The world wars alone changed so much, there is no way they could have predicted some things. Anyway, have fun.

How much is your blog worth?
This fun little site lets you know what your blog is worth in U.S. dollars. Check out the html logo thingy below for my site's current worth. It's also interesting to check out your friends' blogs to see what they are worth; Steve Goble's site is worth a good bit more than mine, and mystery writer J.A. Konrath's Web site is worth really big bucks.

My blog is worth $1,129.08.
How much is your blog worth?


Anonymous said...

So where's the 'logo thingy'? And how can I be worth $0.00?! I mean, I didn't expect much, but ZERO!? -HvD

Ty said...

Heh heh. Forgot to paste it in. It's there now, bozo.

Ty said...

HvD, maybe you have to have signed up for a account? That's the only reason I could understand your blog being worth $0.

Anonymous said...

bozo?! dem's shooting, er, swording words, mister. I claim Steve as my second, duel at dawn outside town?

I created a technorati account and added adsense to the blog yesterday so we'll see what happens. Of course, the very first ad that appears on my blog asks if your gay. Not really the image I was looking for! ;(

Ty said...

I would snicker ... heck, I'm going to anyway ...

--snicker, snicker--

But yeah, adsense always starts off with that "are you gay" ad. Not sure why, but it be kinda funny.

And ... Steve as your second? Okay. Fine. Then I take Gere, Steve's wife, as my second. Top that! And I know she can toss daggers!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah!? well I've got Belgad as my 3rd! SO thhhpppffft!

Ty Johnston said...

Never threaten a writer with one of his own creations. I control that creation! Me! Get it? I can have Belgad turn around and chop off your head!


The power! I feel it pulsing through my very veins!

gere said...

I'll be your second any time, Ty. And I'll be sure to bring the throwing daggers you gave me as a wedding gift. I've never had to use them on Steve... yet.

Of course, if I were willing he'd probably have me try to cut that accursed gall bladder of his out with them.

Howard von Darkmoor said...

Hey man! I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Or not doing right. von Darkmoor is still not worth anything! Even Boone's Sheer Spec blog that just started is worth $500+!

What am I missing?! Any ideas?

Howard von Darkmoor said...

von Darkmoor's thoughts is alive and well now, thank you very much!