Thursday, May 10, 2007

The birth of Bayne

For the first time in a long time, I've created a new character. In fits and starts, I've been working on a short story the last few days, and I've hopes this character will become a serial character. I don't have plans to use him for a novel, but I would like to expand upon him in a series of short stories.

Without giving anything away, the character's name is Bayne Kul Kanon. That name has certain meanings for me, but I won't give the secrets away here. And before any smart asses comment upon it, yes, I'm aware there is a Scottish dish with a name similar to the words "Kul Kanon." No, my character is not Scottish, nor is he named after the dish.

Bayne's adventures will take place in the same world of the fantasy trilogy I've been writing for more than two years, but there's a catch: It's a thousand years before the time of my trilogy. So, other than a few place names, there shouldn't be much related to my trilogy. I said "shouldn't," which leaves open room for me to change my mind at some point.

Also, my Bayne stories are going to have a bit more of a Sword & Sorcery feel to them than my trilogy. Only time will tell if I can pull that off.


Howard von Darkmoor said...

Cool idea Ty; I especially like setting events 1000 years earlier. 'Bayne' sounds good, too.

I look forward to seeing some S & S from you.

Ty said...

Thanks, Jason. I think it could turn out cool too.

I keep starting over with the story, however. I'm having problems with point of view. I'm using a third person POV, but for reasons I can't go into (because it would be giving away too much) I can't really use Bayne as the viewpoint character, or at least, I haven't found an effective way to do so yet.

I'll keep plugging away at it.

Howard von Darkmoor said...

Ty - you want Bayne to live in solitude or should I toss him on von Darkmoor's thoughts? I think I could start another list of author stories or some such.

Interesting idea - I wish you luck, yet I also marvel at the amount of online time you're setting yourself up for, what with all the blog and forum posts ;) I don't think I could swing doing all this and writing on my own. In fact, I haven't been :(

Ty said...

You can go ahead and add him. I was going to wait until I had a few more posts before blogging about it here, but it's not like I'm hiding it or anything.

Yes, I realize it will add more to my blogging time. But I've found that while I can't write when working my part-time job, I can get in a blog post or two. Besides, I'm not planning to Bayne blog every single day, though that might be possible somewhere down the road.

Also, I still plan to write Bayne short stories I will try to get published. I'm hoping the Bayne blog will help in those regards.