Sunday, June 03, 2007

No. 17 -- Killer's Choice

by Ed McBain

Started: June 3
Finished: June 4

Notes: This is a first edition paperback from 1957. It has yellowing pages and some of the pages are falling out, but at least all the pages are still there. Picked it up for a buck at Half-Price books a while back. It's got some collector's value, but not a lot since it's not in great shape, but I love it for reading. So that's what I'll do, read it.

Mini review: An amazingly quick read. Some of the prose is a bit dated, but not too bad. I would guess 75 percent of this novel is told through dialogue, and it works. Quick, fast dialogue, that hardly leaves you room to catch your breath. A fine police procedural novel. I recommend.

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