Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No. 21 -- The Devil Wives of Li Fong

by E. Hoffmann Price

Started: June 20
Finished: June 24

Notes: Steve and Gere Goble paid a visit to me recently, and while they were here we dropped in at Half-Price Books. Steve and I saw this book in a rotating bin, he suggested I read, so here I am. Also, I want to read this because I lack in experience reading Eastern fantasy stories.

Mini review: A nice little story. The action keeps rolling along pretty well, though there's not a lot of combat. Sometimes it's a bit difficult to tell exactly what is happening, but I think that's more from a cultural divide on my part than anything. I don't read a lot of fiction based in Asian backgrounds, so this opened my eyes to a few things.


Anonymous said...

I received a Half-Price Books gift card from my daughters for Father's Day, but I'm thinking I won't be seeing Steve & Gere back in Milwaukee when I go.
I'll await your comments on the book, Ty.

cyn said...

how funny! i read this recently, too. it was the one book where a man wrote a sex scene, and i thought, whoa! not that it was poorly written or anything. i read it for "research". there is a snake demon in my story, but not very much like the nice ones in this book. =)