Friday, June 29, 2007

Those unwritten novels

I've not had a lot of time to be online lately, or to be at a computer at all, except when doing something for work or the business. But I have had a decent amount of time to read and to edit hard copies of the ole Darkbow trilogy. I've also had plenty of time to think about writing and editing and plotting and all the stuff that comes with it.

Why all this is, is because in my business, lately I've been doing a good bit of just driving and a good bit of having to sit in one place or another (a client's house or in one office or another). So, no computers, but some free time to read and copy edit and think.

And the other day I came up with the entire plot, including several major characters, for a mainstream novel. All of this thinking came about in roughly an hour. It's a way to amuse myself, to pass the time. I liked the idea for the novel, and someday I might get around to writing it.

But that got me to thinking further. How many ideas for novels (meaning complete novels, not just the little flashes of ideas), have I worked out in my head over the years? I went through a mental count, and came up with about 20.

So, I have 20 novels sticking in my brain. Most of them are fantasy, though a few are horror and a few are science fiction. At least a couple are mainstream, possibly even literary. Some of them could easily change genres, from fantasy to horror in the real world, etc.

I might write some of these novels someday. I might not.

Right now, I just wish I could get through this friggin' trilogy. Even if I never sell it, I'm just kinda sick of working on the darn thing. It's not necessarily boring me, but frustrating me. I have all these other stories I want to get to, but I've spent more than two years on this trilogy (which still has a few major plot problems needing worked on, but I'm starting to think I'm too frustrated with the project to do the major work needed -- maybe I just need to set it aside for a while and start something else).

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Howard von Darkmoor said...

Wow. All I can say is Wow! 20 complete novels in your head? No wonder you're getting frustrated with this trilogy, those others are clamoring to escape.

I'm not sure it's time yet, to step back from the trilogy, though. I suggest pounding though those few plot gaps till you've reached something you're satisfied with. Then reevaluate the whole, and you may decide to set it aside and move ahead for the time being. I think the accomplishment of solving the dilemmas, making the story arc work may settle some of your angst and allow you the freedom to explore another novel or two before you return to evaluate these three.

The scary part is the chance that, when you do return for the evaluation, you may not choose to use the trilogy. You may just put it in the drawer for a time, peeking at it less and less as time goes by. While I usually hear '3' being claimed, I have heard it takes writing as many as '6' books before your first one is published.

Perhaps it's time to let a few more of those 20 novels out, Ty, and get to that 6th one faster. Either way, I sincerely commend you for the diligence and drive you've displayed ever since I've met you.