Saturday, September 22, 2007

Apex Day was cool

So, I finally got to meet Apex Digest editor Jason Sizemore today, which was cool. I couldn't stay long because I had to go to work, but I was able to see a couple of readings from writers Gary Braunbeck and Geoffrey Girard, and artist Melissa Gay gave a talk about her process for working on book covers.

There were plenty of books, copies of Apex Digest and artwork for sale. Jason also had set out a nice snack table, with soft drinks and chips and cheese and meats. I'd guess there were about a hundred people, coming and going, at the event while I was there, but I was only around maybe a half hour.

This was the second annual Apex Day, the first one being last year at a bookstore in Indiana. This one was at Joseph Beths in Lexington, and I think it's a cool idea to move the event around from year to year. That way you can reach different readers, and make it easier on different writers and artists to attend.

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