Thursday, September 20, 2007

My philosophy on reviewing

Since I've started doing book reviews, I've had a goal of trying to remain fair with my reviews. While I realize there are things I might or might not like about a book, I try to keep in mind that I'm just one reader, and that other readers could feel different than myself.

With that in mind, I try not to trash anything I read. Fortunately, I've yet to run across anything that deserved to be trashed. If I did run across something I thought was just awful, I would say so, but I would still try and point out that maybe this particular product just wasn't for me. It takes all kinds, after all.

Concerning professionals in the business, and the fact I'm reviewing their work, there's no reason for me to burn a potential bridge. If I don't like their product, I'll say so and move on, trying to find something good in the product if possible. If I can't find anything good in the product, again, I'll just say so and go on; no need to keep pushing a point. Besides, often the strongest points are made in brief.


Howard von Darkmoor said...

So what you're saying is, if you don't like a piece you'll say you don't like a piece but admit that it's only your opinion.

Okay; sounds like something I would expect of a reviewer. Reviews are only opinion pieces anyways. Are you picking your assignments or being handed them? Your answer will determine how hard it will be to live to your goal.

I don't believe I've 'trashed' a work before. There's a few I've been hard on, but let me tell you, those are actually much more difficult to write and I labor over them far longer than those I enjoy.

Good philosophy overall, as long as you remember you are human - you can't be all cold and factual and neutral. Give me a reviewer who shows some passion any day!

Ty said...

HvD, I'm usually given a list of options for my reviews. About 4 or 5 books to pick from. A couple of times I've been allowed to review books I had already bought for myself.