Saturday, October 20, 2007

Every short story writer's worst nightmare

After spending some time looking over Duotrope and Ralan, I've come away a little disgusted. I've mentioned this before here. It seems to me there are way, way, waaaaayyyyy too many little niche markets and not enough general fiction markets for short stories.

I expect genres, but for the love of all that's holy, does every single friggin' little publication have to be so concise in what they are willing to publish.

Yes, I realize it's a free country, and they have a right to publish what they want. But, come on, are people thinking? How many copies of a fantasy anthology about three-legged cats that ride monkey gnomes does somebody really think are going to sell?


Howard von Darkmoor said...

Um. . . this is, perhaps, the weakest post you've ever left.

Ty said...

Ah crap. This wasn't supposed to be posted yet. I thought I'd just drafted it. This was a very rough draft of a post I was working on at work, and I meant to draft it and work on it at home before posting.

Oh, well. Cats out of the bag.

Howard von Darkmoor said...

Sure, clean up your words so now my words look weak. I see how it is.

Ty said...

Your words never look weak. I mean, how could they ... you're an editor.

Nah, I wasn't sure I was going to run all that other garbage anyway.

For anyone who wants to know, it was me posting about a fake magazine's submission's policy.