Thursday, October 04, 2007

Submission luck

I'm griping about luck, or the lack thereof.

I have 14 short story submissions out right now. Five of those have already made it past the first levels of reading, and are on to higher levels or the next editor/reader. I'm also holding on to two short stories because I'm planning to send them to publications that don't have their reading periods for another few months.

Here's my gripe against luck: It seems that whenever I have a story ready to submit, there is not a publication to be found. Either I'm between everyone's reading periods, or my story is 500 words too long, or everyone has a themed issue coming up ... and, of course, my story doesn't fit the theme. BUT, then when I don't have anything to submit (I'm between writing project), suddenly there seems to be a whole slew of publications accepting stories.

The only solution? To write more. Keep writing until I always have something to submit.

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Howard von Darkmoor said...

awwww, quit your whining!