Friday, November 09, 2007

Where I stand with my writing

Not a lot of writing or editing the last month or so, but most of that's because I've been busy moving and working.

However, I did manage to write a few short stories and I've got 15 stories circulating the slush piles. Usually, as soon as I get a rejection, I send it right back out. Unless I'm saving a story for an upcoming reading period, or I know of a new market that's getting ready to open up soon. I do have one story I'm holding onto for those reasons.

As for the trilogy, I've been able to do a little editing on paper, but I've actually not sat down in front of a computer to work on the story in nearly two months. The computer I write on, and which has all my chapters stored (yes, I have backups on burnt CDs) has been in storage until yesterday. So, I'm looking forward to getting back to the trilogy. It's nearly finished. All the editing (on paper, anyway) is done except for a chapter I added and another chapter I'm thinking about adding. After that I have to go back over books two and three one more time for line editing, looking for the little stuff ... spelling, grammar, etc.

Meanwhile, book 1 of the trilogy is sitting at a certain publisher's, waiting to be discovered. They're already several months over their own reading time, but I'll let the book sit there at least through the end of the year. After that, I'll be submitting it elsewhere, and maybe to a few agents.

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cyn said...

i think we are in similar places. i'm needing to do some final edits with the novel, for certain. and then i need to query--i'm hoping in the new year. good luck, ty!