Saturday, December 29, 2007

Reading habits for 2007

Looking back on the year, for the most part I would say my reading habits have been scattered, though there have been some trends.

For example, I read quite a bit more pulp fiction this year than normal, this being due to the fact I moved to a town with good used book stores that offer the old books at cheap prices.

Also, I noticed I did not read a ton of horror this year, nor non-fiction.

I did, however, return to a few favorite authors, such as Dumas and Offutt. On the flip side, I also discovered plenty of authors new to me this year, most of this being because of my reviewing of books.

Unfortunately, while I read a lot of good books this year (and a handful of crappy ones), I didn't read any great books this year, though Ayn Rand came closest probably. And I'm not counting "I Am Legend" since I had read it before.

The never-ending struggle continues.

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Howard von Darkmoor said...

Erikson rules, dude! Winner in back-to-back years!

Have a great one, Ty!