Thursday, January 17, 2008

Places I won't submit stories to

Okay, just letting folks here know about a little rule I have.

Here it is: I will not submit stories to a publication for which I read stories.

There. It's said. It's simple. It's not been an issue, but I wanted to say it.

There have been once or twice where I've submitted to an anthology or two related to a publication I've read for, but the first submission was actually made before I was reading for the publication and the second submission was to a side project not directly tied in with the publication.

There. I'm cleaning the air, for myself if no one else. I think it keeps things smoother, cleaner and safer that way for all parties involved.


Anonymous said...

what if you were an anonymous first reader?

Ty Johnston said...

I still would not submit. The other readers and editors might know it was me, and that could potentially bias their opinions. I think it keeps things safe and fair.

Also, I don’t necessarily hold other writers and editors to this standard, just myself.