Monday, January 14, 2008

A quirk of querying agents

I've learned something while querying literary agents about my novel, "City of Rogues." Agents generally respond to queries within just a few days, or they never respond at all. In my experience, there's not a lot of middle ground there.

Which, actually, is nice. That means, if I haven't heard from an agent in a couple of weeks, I'm probably not going to hear from them. Of course, I'm sure there are exceptions. Maybe an agent is gone on vacation for longer than two weeks, or maybe they're just backed up in their e-mail correspondences (which I'm thinking isn't a good thing for an agent, unless maybe they put off all their queries for a while ... which is possible).

But, I actually like this. It beats waiting for months, sometimes even years, to hear back from a publisher.

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