Sunday, February 03, 2008

John Dee timeline and story list

Okay, this is really just a way for me to keep track of John Dee stories I've written or am working on. I'm posting this here because it will be on the Net, thus available to me when away from home, and I'm posting it publicly so I don't have to sign on to unless I want to. The years listed are when the stories take place.

Here goes:

100,000,013,667 A.D. - At the End of All Things (Simon Magus)
2169 - The Impulse to Punish (John Simon)
2059 - The Way the Sunlight Lies Upon Her Hair (John Simon)
2003 - Beneath a Persian Sun (John Dee)
1990 - Killing Just for Fun (John Dee)
1989 - Terror in the Flare Lights (John Dee)
1988 - Walking Between the Rain (John Dee)
1981 - Born to Bring Trouble (Johnny Thirteen)
1960 - Bullets for Amy (John Dee)
1892 - Interlude in Lombardy (Alick Crowley)
1881 - Where the Baptized Drown (Father Simon)
1586 - Devil and Devil Damned (Edward Kelley)
643 - Carcass and Mallet (Shimon)
642 - Behold Now the Behemoth (Shimon)
321 - The Unconquered Mage (Simon Magus)
80 - Midnight in Oplontis (Simon Magus)
79 - The Mage Who Would Not Die (Simon Magus)


Stanzas by Tam said...

Those are some great titles, Ty! That's a talent all by itself.

Ty Johnston said...

Tam, thanks for the comment!

I like the titles too. I just hope the stories are as good as the titles. I think at least a couple of them are.

Howard von Darkmoor said...

Again, I finally start catching up on back posts, see a title that interests me, read a blog post that generates a comment from me, and I find my wife's been here already! I'm starting to feel redundant!

Great idea, the list; great titles, very interesting date range.

And 6 million words, huh? I won't even live long enough to read them all - so write the good stories first please.

Ty Johnston said...

Like the dates, huh? Just wait until I get around to the 1930s and 1940s.