Friday, February 15, 2008


Recently I've been working lots of late nights. It's been busy work that I don't have to focus my mind on a lot, but it doesn't allow me to do something productive, like write.
So, I've been putting together a little project just for fun. It's called RadioDarkbow.

It's another blog, of sorts, but all that it will have on it will be music and music videos. I'm putting up two videos a day, and I'm trying to pick lots of different music for variety. But, of course, I'm only putting up music I like. Which means there will likely be a good bit of hard rock, classic rock and some metal, but I promise there will be plenty of other tunes for folks who don't care for that stuff.

Check it out here. And remember, that's two new videos a day. Absolutely free. And no advertising.

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