Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My first (mostly) negative review

So, they're to be expected ... negative reviews. I got my first one this week for my short story "Deep in the Land of the Ice and Snow" over here at the I Dream of Dragons blog. It's not completely negative, but the reviewer admits right up front he didn't care for the story.

My initial reaction was anger, but not at the reviewer, more at myself. I thought to myself, "Alright, I'm going to go write the bloodiest, battlingest S&S short story anyone has ever seen!"

Then I started chuckling at myself.

A writer is not going to please everyone who sees his or her work, and that's the case here. It's also likely not every single piece a writer puts out there is going to be his or her best work. I think "Deep inthe Land of the Ice and Snow" is a pretty good story, but I'll admit it might not be the best short story I've ever written. And it is (or was) the best and most appropriate story at the time for "The Return of the Sword" anthology. I'm glad the editor liked it.

So, I don't feel good about receiving a not-so-great review, but I'm not going to beat myself up over it.

Heck, I had three short story sales last week, so I've got to be doing something right.


Scriptorius Rex said...

Play to your strengths. The wolf attack was just flat out cool. Also, the way you handled the witch battle was perfect.

Ty Johnston said...

Hey Jeff!
Thanks for the kind words, and glad you liked the story.

cyn said...

i can't believe you're famous enough to get reviewed! =D i always say i won't look at the stuff if i ever publish, but you know i'll be googling myself like nobody's business!