Monday, May 05, 2008

Hi-Point 9mm rifle

Okay, the truth of the matter is this semi-automatic rifle is junk. It's basically just a big 9 mm handgun with a long barrel and lots of rubber and plastic in the body. It's fairly accurate at short distances, but beyond that it's not much good. And it's not because I'm a lousy shot. No. This is just a lousy gun.

Other complaints? The trigger is covered in heavy layers of plastic, making it tough to pull. This is a "dirty" gun, meaning the barrel is always fouled with plenty of ammo "dirt" after even just a few firings.

Or maybe I just got a bad gun. But I doubt it. Hi-Point is known for making cheap firearms, not that there's anything wrong with that, providing inexpensive products for their customers.

So, there are a few good things about this gun, the cheap price being one of the most important. Another good point is the lightness of this weapon; you almost feel like you're holding a toy gun instead of a real one because of the light weight (which is mainly due to a good portion of the frame being polymer or some kind of hard plastic). It had a decent feel to it in my hands, and it didn't jam very often, so I'll give it that much.

Another good thing about this gun is the looks. Nope, it's not the prettiest weapon around, but to those who don't know any better this thing looks like some kind of police assault rifle. At least that's been my experience.

For just some cheap shooting or fooling around at the range, this carbine is okay, I suppose, but it was not a favorite weapon of mine.

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Millergun said...

It is inexpensive, by design. A 9mm round through the 16-1/2" barrel increases the velocity to almost 1,800 feet per second making it far more lethal than any 9mm handgun regardless of manufacture. Hi Point made their inexpensive gun to shoot the inexpensive 9mm round which is available worldwide. It is possible a different brand of ammo would improve your accuracy. The parts in the gun that need to be strong are strong, such as the Glock pistol which I also own and remember people calling it plastic junk 15 years ago but today is the only handgun proven to hold up in the Iraq desert. A new aftermarket stock for the Hi Point at $50 or so and the stock problem is gone. Some trigger work and polishing of parts will improve the pull. Even very expensive rifles need trigger work when new if you want them perfect. My oppinion, it isn't junk. Inexpensive, yes but not known for breaking. No questions asked warranty from the maker is a huge plus too. No it isn't like my com block rifles but it isn't intended to be. Some police departments are actually buying them and it's reliable reputation has earned it's place as part of the inventory at