Sunday, May 04, 2008

What Ty's been up to

Well, frankly, I've been kind of frazled of late. The economy is really putting the hurt on my small business, to the point I'm considering dropping it (which sucks because it was going really strong last summer and fall), and my part-time newspaper job has been a hastle somewhat.

So, my mind's not been real clear lately and things are right. Real tight.

But I have managed to get some writing done. I've been doing some cleaning up work on my trilogy, and I've managed to finish a short story (though it needs one more brief read). I was planning to publish the story here on this blog, sort of as a free give-away to anyone who likes my fiction, but I'm holding off on that because the story is related to my "Beneath a Persian Sun" tale that's coming out in the Carnivah House anthology. And I don't want to ruin anything for anyone. "Beneath a Persian Sun" should likely be read before the story I've been working on.

But, tonight, there's a bit of peace in the storm of my life. I've been making a list of blog ideas, and I think tonight I'll try to get a few of them out of the way. Hope you enjoy.

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