Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hand-and-a-half sword

The hand-and-a-half is also commonly known as a bastard sword. No, it's not because of any parentage situation. This big blade is called a bastard sword because it's not a one-handed weapon, nor is it truly big enough to be a two-handed sword. It's in the middle, big enough that you can swing it with two hands to put some extra power behind it, but just small enough that with training you can use it in one hand as a heavy long sword.

The hand-and-a-half I own is an excellent weapon, with a good weight and balance. I'd have no problem taking this thing into combat. However, I'd want to wear gloves or wrap the pommel in cord or something because smooth leather covers the handle right now, making it a bit too smooth for gripping, in my opinion.

Weapons of this type were fairly common during the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance. A knight or field officer would likely carry something like this into combat, or during a tournament. It's a bit big to carry around all the time for everyday protection, but it's a fine war implement.

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