Sunday, July 06, 2008

No. 17 - The Flip Side

by Flip Flippen

Started: July 6
Finished: July 10

Notes: I don't normally get into these self-help books for boosting the ego, but the copy on the back of this book seemed appropriate to the business of writing, so I thought I'd give it a try. Basically, this is a book to help you defeat whatever behaviors you might have that are holding you back from success.

Mini review: This would be a good book for someone starting to study their own emotional constraints, but I found it a bit simplistic. I did, however, get a few ideas here for my own personal growth. For you writers out there, this could be a pretty good book for figuring out emotional weaknesses and strengths for your characters. A word of warning, the author thinks very highly of himself and doesn't hesitate to yak on and on about his own emotional situations and his family and business life; nothing wrong with that, but for me, I'd prefer something a little more in-depth and less about the writer himself.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agee. there is no doubt at one time this guy was on target. Big Money and Very successful people well he becomes extremely impressed/ He wants to be somebody who people go wow its flip flippen. well guess what..he is not all that...Huge ego and will do anyting to be in the presence of those who haved reached the top. He does not really care about anything else but someone being impressed with him..
Sad at one time his focus was truly on target but no more. Its all about look at me now..Not to say some of his privated conversations in his office he has no problem sharing with other so called patients isn't that illegal?