Friday, August 29, 2008

Book store fire news worsens

The fire that slammed Book World in Chillicothe, Ohio, was possibly arson. After the blaze was put out, one of the owners or managers found the cash register and it had been broken into and emptied. So, the thinking goes that some idiot broke into the place, busted up and cleaned out the register, then either intentionally or accidentally started the fire.

The fire that destroyed at least 10,000 books.

That's right. 10,000 books.

Now, you might be thinking ... "this is just a used book store. It was probably full of junk." But this is not true. Book World did have plenty of used books, but they also had new books. And either way you cut it, 10,000 books is a huge loss. How many favorite novels, forgotten treasures or just downright entertaining reads were destroyed? Thousands.

I curse the name and spit on the grave of the idiot who caused this fire.

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