Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting back in the saddle

I got back to work on my trilogy today, the first time in nearly a year (according to my computer files) that I have done serious work on the project. No, I haven't been lazy. The first book has been under consideration at a handful of places, as now too is the second book, while I've been writing short stories and dealing with life in general.

But now, today, I delved back into the third book of the trilogy. I've a handful of chapters that need some tweaking and a few scenes I want to add to help clarify a few things.

Most importantly, though, was I had a lot of fun. Yep, it was good times getting back into my fantasy world. I've at least a week or two's worth of work yet to do on the trilogy, then, hopefully, it will be finished (outside of any editor's wanted changes, of course).

I've been feeling the need to get back to writing a novel, and I'm moving toward that again. I've a few smaller projects to finish first, as I've mentioned elsewhere on this blog, but then I'm getting back to novel writing.

I think the next novel is going to be mainstream, not speculative at all, and will stand alone, without being part of a trilogy. I'm not set on this yet, but there's a novel I've been wanting to write for my father, and I think it's time I get to work on it. He's no longer young, and I want him to experience this novel before he might pass on some day or his health turns bad and precludes him from reading.

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cindy said...

yay on delving in again!
here's a good luck /bootay shake! for those who have your awesome ms in hand!

and wow on writing non spec fic for your father. i think that's so awesome! can't wait to hear more about your process!

oh, and do bunnies mate for life? i'm thinking no? =)