Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Glock 26

Okay, I might tick off a few firearms enthusiasts with this one, but ... I hate Glocks. Yes, I realize they are made well and they shoot pretty good (even in my hands), but I can't stand them for many, many reasons, a few of which I'll cover below.

The Glock 26 was my first Glock. It's a compact, 9mm semi-automatic handgun mainly meant for concealed carry. Despite its small size, it fit well into my big hands. And, as I said above, I could should well with it.

There. I have nothing else good to say about this gun. Or Glocks in general.

Glocks, especially the 26, felt good in my hands only when I was NOT firing it. The second I got off a round, my hand started hurting from the recoil, especially in the area where my thumb connects with the rest of my hand/wrist. I mean, it was a LOT of pain. I've never experienced anything like this with any other firearm, ever.

And multiple shots was out of the question. I tried several times, but by the fourth round I'd have to quit firing or scream in pain.

This is not a good gun for me, obviously. But, I'll admit, it's probably just me. Enough people rave about Glocks.

Another reason I don't like Glocks is the ejection lever is painful to me. Call me a wuss if you like, but when I'm firing and reloading a semi-auto handgun it should NOT hurt my hands.

Yet another reason I don't care for Glocks is the external safety on the trigger. I'm sorry, but that's no safety. I don't care what the company says, or how many tests have been done, that little piece of plastic built into the trigger is no safety. I don't, and never will, feel comfortable with the external safety mechanism on Glocks.

So there. I've griped enough about Glocks. But let me add again, they are well-made firearms and plenty of shooters like them, including many members of law enforcement. Glocks just aren't for me.

And let me add, this isn't a weapon I would want to have to depend upon in a deadly situation.

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