Friday, September 19, 2008

Beretta 92FS

This 9 mm semi-automatic handgun is, without a doubt, the finest firearm I have ever owned. This piece of machinery is a genius in craftsmanship, durability, usability and so much more. I can fully understand why the U.S. military branches have come to favor this weapon for its sidearms, and many law enforcement offices, too.

This gun is big in the hands, but that's because it holds 15 rounds in the clip; but, I have pretty big hands, so that's not a problem for me. Others with smaller hands might find this weapon unwieldy ... maybe. Also, this firearm fitted into my hand perfectly, and had good grips on the side that helped it keep from slipping in sweaty hands.

Accuracy with this thing is top notch. In fact, it's a better gun than I am shooter, so I'm sure I never could put this thing to its full potential. Still, I loved shooting with this sidearm. Always hit my targets, usually with bullseye accuracy, and I don't consider myself any kind of expert shot, just a civilian who enjoys target shooting.

The cost for one of these new is pretty high, usually anywhere from $750 to $900 depending upon whatevers going on with the current gun market, but it's well worth it. Whether you use a handgun for just fun or for self defense (or, heaven forbid, a military operation) you couldn't do better than this 9 mm; if you can't afford one of these guns, but want a good semi-auto, I suggest just saving your money until you can afford it. It's worth it, believe me.

Since this weapon is only a 9 mm, there are some shooters who will grumble about the weakness of the round, which is roughly equivalent in power to a .38. I can't argue much with them about the power issue, but Beretta does make similar handguns in the .40, so that should help a little. However, the lighter recoil of the 9 mm does help with accuracy, and since I mostly shoot for enjoyment, power usually isn't my main concern (not that I wouldn't use a gun in self defense, but it's not my main reason for owning guns).

To end, this weapon is a sheer joy to own and shoot. Save your money and buy one. I expect you'll love it.

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