Monday, December 15, 2008

30 things I like

Since I have a tendency to gripe and complain on my blog (hey, who doesn't? Isn't that what blogs are for), today I thought I'd do something a little different and list things I like. This will be a very general list, just stuff as it comes to my mind. In no particular order, here are things I like:

1.) Playing with bunny rabbits.

2.) Sleeping with a gently snoring beagle.

3.) Sipping really good beer.

4.) Hiking to the top of a mountain in a thunderstorm, then under the shade of branches, smoking a fine cigar.

5.) My other half's cheesecake.

6.) Cruising down the highway during the summer with the windows down and a really, really cool song comes on the radio.

7.) Anything written by Alexandre Dumas.

8.) Minor league baseball.

9.) Playing paintball with U.S. Marines.

10.) Having a person you love telling you they need you. I don't mean generally, in some vague kind of way. But in a specific fashion, like when you come home from after being gone for a long time, or something similar.

11.) Discovering a fantastic book for the very first time.

12.) Eating pretty much anything from Katzinger's deli in Columbus, Ohio.

13.) Greg. For all he's done for myself and others, and for all the great gaming and yacking sessions. Other than my father, probably the finest human being I've had the pleasure and honor to know. If you know him, you get what I'm talking about. Miss you, dude. I still owe you big.

14.) Movies that touch my soul. There are a good number, so I won't list them.

15.) Excited e-mails from "my" editor. He knows who he is.

16.) Talking religion with my dad.

17.) Anything my mom cooks or bakes. Literally, anything. She's the best chef in the world, and I'm not the only one who says that.

18.) My wife's laugh, especially during one of those goofy TV shows or movies we like to watch together.

19.) Neil Gaiman's Sandman graphic novels. In my opinion, quite likely the finest piece of English literature since Shakespeare.

20.) Lyrics by John Lennon, Adam Duritz or Kurt Cobain.

21.) Really good episodes of Saturday Night Live. I still miss Phil Hartman.

22.) Writing until four in the morning, then sleeping until afternoon.

23.) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

24.) Firing a fine weapon at the shooting range. It's not a power thing. There's just something about shooting a truly fine piece of mechanical ingenuity. You can feel it in your hands, and see it on your targets. Beretta is my favorite maker so far.

25.) Walking long distances, but with a purpose, not just walking to be walking. Nice weather helps, too.

26.) Video games from the 1980s. I love these things, whether the at-home game systems or the arcade versions. Atara, Intellivision, Colecovision ... I love that stuff. It reminds me of Christmas when I was a kid.

27.) Samples at a cheese shop.

28.) Renaissance fairs.

29.) Beer samples during Oktoberfest.

30.) Reading.


von Darkmoor said...

This is an awesome list, Ty.

Not only does it make me smile for you, it makes me smile for myself as well. This is a list to cherish and be glad of. I'm reading The Last Lecture right now, and it's a list that could appear on any page in the book.

Thanks for sharing it.

Take care yo'self!

von Darkmoor said...

P.S. Personally, I'd skip the bunnies, beer, and baseball, but hey! It ain't my list - and that's perfectly fine, cuz it shouldn't be. :)

Diane said...

Ty, as the owner of Katzinger's, I am thrilled to be one of the 30 things you like! How flattering to be a part of such a warm and fuzzy list - 'course there really is nothing like good food to serve the soul. Thanks for including us.

Diane Warren

Clark said...

Good list dude. I miss Greg!