Monday, December 01, 2008

No. 40 - The Ox-Bow Incident

by Walter Van Tilburg Clark

Started: December 1
Finished: December 9

Notes: This 1940 Western novel was made into a 1943 movie starring a young Henry Fonda. The movie is relatively well known for an older Western, and it's no shoot-em up. This is not an action story, though there is some violence involved. I'd seen this movie, liked it, then ran across the original book, which now I'll read.

Mini review: Boy, it took a long time for this one to get rolling, at least 140 pages, but it finally came to a fine ending. I wasn't impressed enough to want to search out more of this rare author, but he turned out a decent store with morals. The morality bits nearly slam you over the head sometimes, but for the most part it wasn't too bad.


NewGuyDave said...

How do your reviews work? Do you post about the book when you start it, add it to your "to be read" pile, or when done? Or do these last two books get revisited later on?
Just curious.

Ty Johnston said...

Hi Dave,
I post the original info and pic of the book when I start reading it, then I post the mini review once I'm finished with the book. If you need more, or I haven't made it clear, let me know.

Clark said...

I've actually thought about copying your review format when I do I review on my site. When you post the original info, I find myself checking back continually to see if you've posted the review yet ... especially if it's a book I am interested in.

Ty Johnston said...

Hey Clark, steal away on my format if you want. I realize it's sometime a bit disconcerting, especially to those new to my blog, but one of the reasons I do it this way is just because of what you mentioned ... it gets folks to look back later.