Saturday, January 03, 2009

It was a good day to be a writer

Made a visit to Morris Book Shop yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find they carry two anthologies that have stories from me. The anthologies are Deadlines, which features my dark Appalachian tale "The Death of Lester Williams," and Return of the Sword which has my Sword and Sorcery story "Deep in the Land of the Ice and Snow."

This was the first time I have ever walked into a bookstore and found books with stories from me. Hell yeah! Can ya give me an AMEN!!!

I bought a copy of Deadlines because I didn't have one yet, and I made sure to sign Return of the Sword, which was another first. My first book signing! I just put my name, not really knowing what else to put, though I should've come up with something funky or funny, I suppose. I'll have to think about it for future signings.

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von Darkmoor said...

Total congrats, my good man! That is sweeeeeeet :)

You could have made the same offer Bill Ward did at Dragon*Con - sign as any one of the authors in the book :)