Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Marlin Model 1894 Cowboy

I owned this lever-action Marlin rifle with an octagonal barrel in .357 magnum.

I loved this rifle. It's probably my favorite of the rifles I've owned.

First off, I love the .357 magnum cartridge because it's great for just about everything ... target shooting, hunting (though nothing too big), self defense, cowboy action shooting, etc. I also loved that this rifle was in this caliber because it also meant I could shoot the less-kicking .38s from it, making it even smoother for target practice. But still, even though .357 magnums pack a kick in a handgun, in this rifle there wasn't much of a kick.

The feel of this weapon in my hands was also quite superb. There was a good, solid heft but it was light enough to carry all day. The only complaint I might have in this department is that for me the wooden stock was a bit too smooth, making it a bit slippery to hold in hot weather, but this could easily be remedied with shooting gloves or in other ways.

I was a decent shot with this firearm, too. I can't boast too much as I don't consider myself any kind of a sharpshooter or expert on guns, but within 50 yards I could definitely hit what I want with this weapon. Within a hundred yards, I was still pretty accurate. Beyond those distances, I did the best I could, but any failings there weren't the fault of the weapon.

Also, this was a finely made weapon. The craftsmanship was solid.

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Anonymous said...

My Marlin 1894 Cowboy 44 mag came with a twisted rear site and excessive gapping of the stock fit. I am worried if that is the American craftsmanship outside, what is it like inside?? Returned to dealer. It is possible it is one of those lemons the dealers keep passing around until someone buys it.