Sunday, January 04, 2009

No. 4 - Perpetuity

by Dr. David Chambers

Started: January 5
Finished: January 6

Notes: This is a non-fiction book that was a Christmas present from my mother. This book is written by the pastor of her church, and the back of the cover sounds pretty interesting, concerning how history repeats itself. The book is supposed to be a look at the major empires throughout history and their failings, and how this relates to America today.

Mini review: I found this one a bit simplistic, but it's meant to be as it's a basic overview of the faults of earlier empires and a look at the faults of the current United States. The author is hopeful, however, that the U.S. can still turn things around. As can be expected from a pastor, he more than suggests the downfall of ancient civilizations has been due to not living (or governing) by Biblical standards. I can't disagree with him, though I think the issues are more complicated than that, though he admits to this at times. A decent read. I thought this book might be quite appropriate for a young person in their teens who is beginning to study Christianity and history, or for the Christian who is a casual reader of history.

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