Thursday, February 26, 2009

No. 15 - Ten Plus One

by Ed McBain

Started: February 26
Finished: February 28

Notes: I picked up a stack of McBain's 87th Precinct police procedural novels a few days ago, so I'll be making my way through them. This is one of the older books, from 1963, and they're usually my favorites of the series. This one is also supposed to be about a sniper killer.

Mini review: Unusual for McBain's novels, it took me a good 50 or so pages to get into this one. Normally these things start off like a bullet and keep my interest rolling along, but this one was more like a steam kettle, slow at first then building. Still, it got me going eventually. Another unusual thing about this particular novel is that it only focused upon one series of crimes, the sniper shootings. Usually these McBain 87th Precinct novels focus on several crimes, with one major one (the main plot line) with several lesser ones (side or sub plots). Overall, entertaining, but not my favorite. Had an interesting ending.

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