Friday, May 22, 2009

Three short stories online

Below are links to three of my short stories published at the Triond authors' site. None of these stories have been published elsewhere.

Entering Jupiter
This was the very first short story I ever wrote. It came together about 20 years ago when a professor told me I could write a short story instead of a paper for my astronomy class. It was not, however, the first fiction I'd written. I've still got two novels I wrote, one in fourth grade and the other in sixth grade. Plus I made a whole bunch of my own comic books, but I'm sorry to say I no longer have any of those. I have to admit this story is pretty rough, but it was my first attempt at a short story.

Just Like Fourth of July
This is a short piece of flash fiction I had been trying to sell to various markets for several years now. No one bit, so I decided to go ahead and release it on Triond. This story is about the events of 9/11, and editors always gave me two reasons for not wanting story, basically "too soon" or "we've been bombarded with 9/11 stories."

Cadillac Dreams
This story was written more than a dozen years ago. It was my reaction to a Counting Crows album that came out at the time, "This Desert Life," which contained the song "St. Robinson in His Cadillac Dream."

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