Sunday, January 31, 2010

No. 5 - Anthem

by Ayn Rand

Started: February 1
Finished: February 1

Notes: This short novel comes from one of my favorite authors, but one of my least favorite philosophers. If that's even possible. The plot concerns a slightly futuristic world where the very idea of the individual has been destroyed, except for one man.

Mini review: Quite the interesting novel, a future where the word "I" doesn't exist and humans only think of themselves as a collective "we." Ironically, I read most of this novel while on a city bus (which is provided by the "we") and in a public library (also provided by the "we"). Definitely gives one food for thought. My problems with Rand's objectivist philosophy is that I think it's too extreme, though I believe it has kernels of truth to it about individualism. The "we" shouldn't overpower the "I," but there wouldn't be an "I" if not for the "we." Make sense? Does to me. And most hardcore objectivists would shoot it down. I'd say grow up, stop living in a fantasy world and use that "reason" Rand talks so much about. Logic doesn't dictate the individual giving up all for society, but the reverse is also true. Ah, well. Another great read from Rand, and a different style than her other books.

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