Thursday, April 08, 2010

No. 18 - The Life of Billy the Kid

by Pat F. Garrett

Started: April 8
Finished: April 9

Notes: Originally titled "The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid, the Noted Desperado of the Southwest" when it was published in 1882, just a year after the Kid's slaying by the gun of the author (at least according to general history ... there've been rumors the Kid escaped or that Garrett let him go), I didn't want to let this one pass me by when I ran across it in a used book store recently. I've read plenty of history about the Kid, Garrett and the Lincoln County War, but I think it'll be interesting to read this non-fiction book by the man who supposedly killed Billy the Kid.

Mini review: A short little read. Also easy to read and, despite some of the Old West slang, sounded pretty modern. It was interesting to read the story of Billy the Kid from someone who knew him personally, and who happened to be his killer. I won't hazard a guess as to whether all the facts are true as portrayed, but the gist of the tale seemed to match up with other histories of the time. Worth reading, especially if you're an Old West junkie.

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