Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The truth about modern book publishing

I wrote a post over at another blog a while back that I liked enough to want to repeat it on several other blogs. Then I thought, "Heck, it's not even on my own blog." It's not much, but in response to the constant sea of whining and snipping about the current state of indie publishers vs. the big NY publishers, here are my basic thoughts:

Big publisher.
Little publisher.
Self publisher.
New York publisher.
Digital publisher.
Indie publisher.

What I'm coming to realize is none of that makes any difference anymore. Each writer sets his or her own goals as a writer, and if one's goal is to be published by one of the big shots in NY then that's what they should shoot for. The rest of us can be satisfied simply making a living writing. 

And just to clear up: I have nothing against the big NY publishers. Yes, I'd work with them in a heartbeat. I'd take the money and run. But I do get sick and tired of those within the industry who cannot adapt to the changing business and technology, and instead of doing something about it they go on the attack. I'm a former newspaper journalist. I've already been through this once before. Not this time.

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