Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Get STABbed!

STAB: six tales of horror ("S" Collection Horror Trilogy)My latest mini-collection of short stories, STAB: six tales of horror, is now available in e-book form at Amazon for the Kindle and Smashwords for online reading. It should be available for the Nook and other e-reading devices within the next month or so.

The difference between this latest collection and my earlier ones, SEVER and SLICE, is that the six tales found here are all brand new, written specifically for this e-book, and have never appeared anywhere else before now.

The six tales in STAB, and a little information about them are below:

Screaming Right to the End
The zombies have risen, but can three rooftop survivors survive one another?

Born to Bring Trouble
A mage-turned-biker finds himself facing off with members of his own gang.

Where the Baptized Drown
A preacher in 1880s Texas performs his own unique brand of the baptism ceremony.

Midnight in Oplontis
It's 80 A.D., a year after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, and a couple of treasure hunters go digging in ash.

The Happiest Day of Her Life
A woman's wedding day turns nightmarish when her past comes rushing back.

When the Cows Come Home
A farmer discovers an unusual, ancient artifact out in his field, and suddenly lights are coming in his barn every night.

If you'd like to read short stories in the horror genre, check out STAB at the links below:

STAB for the Kindle at Amazon

STAB for the Kindle at Amazon UK

STAB for online reading at Smashwords


Charles Gramlich said...

You're American Crossroads collection is now on my TBR pile. I should get to it within a week or two. My kindle TBR pile that is.

Ty Johnston said...

Charles, thanks for the buy. I hope you like the stories.