Thursday, September 30, 2010

No. 25 - In the Realm of the Wolf

In the Realm of the Wolf (Drenai Tales, Book 5)
by David Gemmell

Started: September 30
Finished: October 16

Notes: I just finished reading War and Peace, and was looking for something a little lighter but filled with action and easy to read. I spotted this novel in my to-be-read pile and thought, "Why not? I like Gemmell's writing." Also, for those in the UK, the UK title of this novel is Waylander II.

Mini review: I hate to say it, but this is the first time a Gemmell novel has let me down. I liked the characters a lot, but the plot was disjointed and all over the place. I felt there were a lot of scenes left out that should have been included, with characters jumping around all over the place without any details of how they got there. I'm not suggesting I want hundreds of pages of characters riding through forest or some such, but just having characters appear from one place to another was a bit disturbing. There were even many potential great scenes glossed over, battles and skulkings and the like. So far, this is the only Gemmell novel I've read I didn't much care for.

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