Saturday, November 06, 2010

Bayne's Climb: Part I of The Sword of Bayne

Brief description
Bayne's Climb: Part I of The Sword of BayneWaking amid battle, the warrior Bayne has no recollection of his past, of his life, of himself. Believing the mad emperor-mage Verkanus holds the keys to his past, Bayne pursues the wizard across years and unto a mountain. Here, Bayne must climb to find Verkanus and to find himself, and among the crags are oddities and dangers never witnessed by lesser men.

In part an allegorical tale, the novella Bayne’s Climb is the first part of The Sword of Bayne trilogy.

This novella also takes place in the same world as the author’s Kobalos Trilogy, but nearly 2,000 years before the events of those books.

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The skinny
In case you haven't guessed by now, my novella, Bayne's Climb: Part I of The Sword of Bayne, is now available in e-book formats. It's been available for about a week, but I put off doing any promotions for it because I wanted to give all the different retailers time to get all the info up on their sites.

For now, this novella is selling for only 99 cents, though I might raise the price to $2.99 eventually.

This was a different type of project for me in several ways. It's somewhat literary, somewhat allegorical, somewhat Sword & Sorcery. My beta readers for this novella have surprised me on the literary front by thinking certain things in the story stood for ideas or "things" in the actual, modern real world. The truth is, I wasn't trying to make any intentional social commentary, at least not consciously.

The story is also different for me in several ways. The plot is linear. That was intentional. I wanted to tell a story straight through (with one exception, a flashback toward the end) with a very simple plot. I suppose I could be accused of pushing back characterization and plot for the sake of my ideas, but I'm not hiding from that notion.

Also, there is some action in this tale, but not an abundance. The violence within Bayne's Climb tends to come in great big whallops, then flitter away for a while before returning once more.

The same type of writing will continue through the next two novellas in this trilogy. I am already at work on the second novella in this series, and hope to have it finished and ready for readers in January.

Will it succeed? Hell if I know. The readers will have to decide. But at only 40,000 words, hopefully it won't take up too much time for any readers who loathe the tale. And what would this new revolution in publishing be without some experimentation?

And what's next after I finish with this trilogy of novellas? I'm not sure yet, but probably something more traditional. Perhaps another Kron Darkbow novel (I've got a few hundred ideas). Perhaps a horror novel. Or maybe another literary novel (yes, I've got one, but haven't published it ... yet).


David Barron said...

Experimentation is good. I'll just wander on over and see what there is to be seen...

Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds like something very intersting. I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

Just purchased it and look forward to reading it. More Kron Darkbow Please!

Ty Johnston said...

Anonymous, don't worry, there will definitely be more Kron Darkbow. Probably multiple trilogies worth. Once I'm finished with the Bayne trilogy, I might (I repeat ... MIGHT) get into the next Kron book, which is tentatively titled "Ghosts of the Asylum."

Or I could do a Belgad trilogy.
Or another trilogy set in the same universe.
Or a horror novel.
Or a literary novel.

Honestly, it depends on what I feel up to at the time.

But I'll give a little secret ... the Bayne novels do tie in in a remote way with my Kobalos trilogy, and will be relevant to some future stories told in that universe.

But a bit of warning (because my beta readers were surprised), the Bayne trilogy is quite different from my Kobalos trilogy.

There. Have I yacked on enough and hinted at enough secrets? You heard it all here first!

Jason M Waltz said...

Great stuff Ty! Congrats on getting out another title. Sounds intriguing, too.