Tuesday, December 07, 2010

No. 1 (for 2011), No. 31 (for 2010) - A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Citiesby Charles Dickens

Started: December 7, 2010
Finished: January 10, 2011

Notes: Yes, I've said before and I'll say again that I hate Charles Dickens. I think his plots are strong and his characters iconic, but I cannot stand his prose. However, my other half wanted us to read this book together and I agreed to do it. Why not? I've not read any Dickens in a long, long while, so I'll give him another chance. And it's an excuse to read another novel on my new Kindle. Maybe I'll actually even enjoy myself. Whipped!

Mini review: For the most part, my opinion of Dickens' writing still remains. He has good characters and strong plots, but I cannot stand his prose. That being said, the ending to this novel was fantastic, truly historic in its own way.


Charles Gramlich said...

I don't mind his short stories, but can't get into his long novels.

Milo James Fowler said...

Gotta love those FREE Kindle classics. I'm a big fan -- and I'm reading stuff I probably wouldn't, otherwise.
in medias res

Ty Johnston said...

Milo, yeah, those freebies are coming in handy. I've already downloaded a ton of books I've been meaning to read for years. Got a feeling next year I'll be reading heavy on the classics.